Past oration audience members

Prior to the establishment of the Schofield Bequest, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine held several orations under its own auspices.

The current format of the Graeme Schofield VIFM Oration carries on the spirit and intentions of these past orations.


Past VIFM Orations

8 October 2008

Topic: “The Goudge Inquiry”
Speaker: Hon Stephen T Goudge

The Hon Stephen T Goudge on the public inquiry that he was appointed to conduct into the tragic events that revealed the serious, systematic failings in the practice and oversight of paediatric forensic pathology in Ontario.

Read the 2008 Oration Transcript (PDF)


20 March 1994

Topic: “Circumstantial Evidence and Justice Today”
Speaker: The Hon Richard E. McGarvie QC 

The Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Richard E. McGarvie QC explored the contribution by experts to circumstantial evidence, the dangers for experts, and the pitfalls for the justice system when expert evidence is misapplied.

Read the 1994 Oration Transcript (PDF)


20 October 1990 – Inaugural VIFM Oration

Topic: “The Australian Aboriginal and the Law: A Judicial Perspective”
Speaker: The Hon James Muirhead QC

His Honour the Administrator of the Northern Territory, the Hon James Muirhead QC worked as a Judge in the Northern Territory for many years, and was the first Royal Commissioner inquiring into Aboriginal Custodial deaths.

Read the 1990 Oration Transcript (PDF)



The 2016 Oration

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